Will I receive my orders before the holidays?
Yes, our goal is to make sure you have what you need to gift or keep for yourself by the holiday season.    All orders placed before early December will get to you in time. Mid December, TBD. Late December, maybe next year, Champ.
Why does shipping cost so much to my country?
Shipping prices globally are pretty unbelievable at the moment. We are doing our best to cap shipping costs by personally taking on a portion of the rate to make sure we can ship to our community at a price that makes sense.
It says that owning Jain’s World comes with membership perks. What if I’m buying it as a gift?
Great question. As a loyal gifter, we will make sure that you and the recipient are add to our membership list. If you are buying as a gift, please reach out to us at jain@jain.golf with the name and email of the person you are gifting.
What does it mean to be a member?
Our ambitions make it tough to properly answer that question. BUT, in the short term, membership will give you first access to the things we plan to put out in the future. Before we post a link to our socials, our members will get an email giving them a first look. That will hopefully ensure you can snag what you want before we sell out. We’ll keep it nice and easy, for now.
How do I return my purchase?
At this stage, all items purchased from Jain are FINAL SALE. If you receive a purchase with significant damage, please email a photo and description to jain@jain.golf