So many things...!

So many things...!

SO, I'm starting to get in all the stuff from my next collection (!) Looking through it all and packing it up, I thought, hmmm, I haven't updated you guys on what's goin' on behind the scenes in way toooo long.

1. OREGON: I went to Portland for 2 days and it was magical. The grass is greener. The air is crisper. The courses are out of a story book. We got to hang out with our friends from Jones Sports, Seamus, LAB Putters and more. LEGENDS (!) They treated us so well and really rolled out the green carpet. We played Eugene CC and Oswego Lake CC and got SO lucky with the best weather. Oregon is such a special place. I can't wait to go back. I'm thinking we should take Camp Jain up there soon. Who's in??

2. HYPEGOLF INVITATIONAL: THIS WAS FUN! Seeing so many of our golf friends in one place is something that needs to happen more. I think I hit 1 good drive but the sun was out, we laughed and had chicken burritos so life is great. Thank you always to our Hypebeast family for having us!!

3. NEW JAIN STUFF: OK, so, there's a lot going on here. The office is stuffed to the brim. WHICH IS EXCITING. Planning on putting a couple more little nuggets out over the next week or two. THEN, SOMETHING BIG. A new collection (!!!) One that brings my two favorite things in the world together....AND, I'm working on something for this collection (fingers crossed) that if it happens will make me pass out. In summary, I have told you nothing but that's what keeps things interesting right??

4. CAMP JAIN ???: Last but not last because we love Camp. I have my next one tee'd up!!!!!!!! WOAH. That is all for now. Carry on.

Back to getting all these new things ready for you!!

Big Love,


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Shelly Greenfield on 2024,06,20

Greenfields are in for a redo in Oregon!!!

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